Crispy prawns with pecan nuts

IngredientsServings: as desired

40 g of chopped calongeal pecans40 g of peeled almondsPoppy seedsSesame seeds2 egg whites1 teaspoon sesame oilPrawnssunflower oilSkewer sticksElaboration

We remove the heads of the prawns and peel them. We remove the intestine with the help of a lace and insert each shrimp on a skewer stick.We season.We mix the egg whites with a few drops of sesame oil. We wet the prawns with this mixture.Finely chop the walnuts and almonds and place them in a bowl. Add the sesame and poppy seeds to the bowl. We mix well.We pass the prawns through the egg whites and then through the mixture of nuts and seeds. We fry in abundant hot oil. Take care of the frying time and temperature, they must be crispy and juicy.We place them on kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.NoteThey are accompanied by a soy mayonnaise: mixing the industrial or homemade mayonnaise with soy sauce to taste and chopped chives.
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